We offer various Vinyasa style classes in a warm environment, as well as Yin in a room temperature environment. With two teachers per class; one to instruct and the other to assist, you’ll get the most out of your yoga practice, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi.
Easy Planning & Simple Scheduling
We have a variety of classes throughout the week. To view our timetable, and pre-book your class please view our online schedule. Alternatively download our app on Google Play or the App Store.


We're committed to providing high quality yoga instruction in a safe, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Please bring a towel and water bottle with you. We provide complimentary Yoga mats but encourage you to bring your own mat. No lockers are provided but the studio is locked for safety when classes are in session.


Simple Flow
Vinyasa Flow
Hot Vinyasa
Yin Yoga


If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend you start with a minimum of 5 ‘Simple Flow’ classes, which covers the foundations of alignment in the body and more mindful breath awareness before progressing onto our Vinyasa Flow classes. Please arrive 15 min early for your first class to complete a registration form and meet your Teacher. Bring a towel, water bottle and mat (if you have one).


Simple Flow - 30 Degrees
This class offers exactly how it sounds - a Simple Flow - practice that will still be dynamic but more alignment focused. This class is assisted to enhance correct alignment and body awareness. Great for beginners.
Vinyasa Flow - 30 Degrees
Vinyasa means movement with breath. The style is a dynamic flow with varied sequences building into strong postures and inversions creating internal heat developing strength, flexibility and detoxifying benefits. This is assisted to enhance your practice to the next level.
Hot Vinyasa Flow - 34 Degrees
Intensifying the Vinyasa Flow. Keeping the dynamic flow of Vinyasa with the added heat will make you sweat more for maximum benefits to muscles, organs, skin and brain function. This is a non-assisted class with limited touch for benefits of focus and detox.
Yang/Yin - 30 Degrees
This style integrates the active Vinyasa practice with the deepening of the Yin practice, leaving you feeling balanced and reset like you have just pushed the restart button. This is an assisted class to enhance your practice and deeper stretching.
Yin - 27 Degrees
Offering a deeper stretch that passes the superficial or muscular tissues mainly used in our heated Yang style Yoga, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, creating balancing joint health and greater flexibility. This is non-assisted as your props do the assisting to encourage relaxing of the muscles for a safe deep tissue stretch.


With KX Yoga, you can choose to take classes with our range of session packs, which are valid for 6 months, alternatively, you can sign up for a membership, with a minimum eight week term.

Introductory Offer
10 Days Unlimited - $25
This offer is only available to people who have not attended a KX Yoga class before. If you have already taken up an intro offer for KX Pilates or KX Barre, you are STILL eligible for a KX Yoga introductory pass. Please visit our booking page to purchase your Intro Offer.
Session Packs & Memberships

Session Packs


Memberships: All memberships require an 8 week minimum term after which time your membership will automatically renew for subsequent weeks. This will be paid weekly via direct debit. After the initial 8 week minimum term, you are able to cancel or suspend your membership at any time in writing with a minimum 4 weeks notice.

Session Packs: Valid for six months from the date of purchase.

Concession/Student discounted rate of 15% discount applies on all Session Packs. Memberships and Workshops (except the Introductory Offer and Private Classes). Discounted rate is only available once valid photo ID is presented in studio.

KX Private Classes & Personal Adjustors

We offer private group training specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you are just starting out, need extra attention or you would like a program designed specifically for you.

Do you love being adjusted in our group classes?  Now you can book your very own personal adjustor.  Get that one on one attention you need to to enhance alignment and deepen you in postures, moving with you through the whole practice during a regular class.

For more information or to book your Private Class or Personal Adjustor, please contact us at

Note: All private classes and studio hire rates are for a duration of 1 hour.


Private Classes

Personal Adjustor


Workshops & News
40 Day Challenge Thu 11 Sep
Starting Thursday 11 September 2014.

Following Baron Baptiste’s program – “40 Days to Personal Revolution”, you will participate in daily asana and meditation practice, complete set self-inquiry, and come to a potent and powerful weekly community meeting.

Your journey will be facilitated by our very own Jolene Buchanan and Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Deborah Langley. Deborah loves this program and has trained directly with Baron Baptiste and believes there are very few times that we, as adults, turn our attention purposefully onto our SELF and that the 40 Day Challenge is quite possibly one of the single-most powerful offerings you can give to yourself.

Do you want to know further information?  Read more here.



  • 5 days per week of yoga practice at any KX Yoga class on our schedule (any 5 days)
  • 1 day per week of home yoga practice (any day)
  • 1 day per week of rest (any day)
  • Daily Meditation
  • Community Meeting every Thursday at 7:45pm at the KX Yoga studio

Please note:

  • You are not able to do multiple classes to make up for days missed.  Practicing acceptance is a part of the process.
  • 3 day juice cleanse in week 3.
  • Meditation is a home practice in a time that suits you, we will however have an option for you to meditate after all morning classes in the studio.

*Discounted prices for concession/students and those clients currently holding one of the below KX Yoga Memberships:

2 Sessions per week     $159
Unlimited $99
Concession/Student (15% discount)     $254.15


There are limited places available, so book your place online today (Go to your Online Store and select 40 Day Challenge from the drop down).

The first Community Meeting will be held on Thursday 11th September at 7:45pm (to run for 60mins).

NEW Hot Vinyasa Yoga Mon 01 Sep
NEW Hot Vinyasa Yoga.
Starting Monday 1 September 2014.

We know you all love the warm temperature of our studio but with the installation of our new heating panels we can now heat the room to 34 degrees and introduce Hot Vinyasa Yoga to the schedule as of Monday 1st September!


Suitable for all levels, this class will still be the Vinyasa style, focusing on cleansing the body with sequencing and postures that focus on detox.


These hot classes will be unassisted. Since the body sweats as its getting rid of toxins, we don’t want to put that back into the skin with our adjusting techniques.


NEW Season Schedule Changes Mon 01 Sep
NEW Season Schedule Changes
Starting Monday 1 September 2014.

We listen to feedback so we are excited to offer you the following scheduling changes:

Mon – Fri 
All 10am classes are now 9.30am
6am class is now 6.30am
6am class is now now 6.30am
Change is upon us at KX Yoga Mon 09 Jun

You asked for more time in the mornings to get ready for work, more options to sleep in on the weekends, and more evening classes to choose from. This has resulted in schedule changes and newly added class times to run from Monday 9th June, click Book Online to view the schedule.

You will also be pleased to know that effective immediately, our new price structure will include:

  • reduced session packs;
  • monthly unlimited passes will be replaced with memberships and;
  • a range of Concession/Student rates.

Please note our Welcome Pass and 20 Session Pack will no longer be available for purchase, however our introductory offer will still be available to new KX Yoga clients and will not change in price.


Valid for 6 months:

Pack Cost  Student*
1 Session $22 $18.7
5 Sessions $100 $85
10 Sessions $180 $153


Minimum 8 week term^:

Membership Cost  Student*
2 Sessions per week $30 $25.50
Unlimited per week $40 $34

After the minimum 8 week term, memberships will automatically renew for subsequent weeks until written notice is given.


* Student/Concession rate of 15% discount applies on all Session Packs, Memberships and Workshops (except the Introductory Offer). Discounted rate is only available once valid photo ID is presented in studio.
** Memberships can only be purchased via the full website or by contacting your local studio and are not available via the mobile app.
^ After the initial 8 week minimum term, you are able to cancel or suspend your membership at any time in writing with a minimum 2 weeks notice.



Dawn McKiernan

Teacher & Adjustor

Eva Sleep

Teacher & Adjustor

Gavin Smith

Teacher & Adjustor

Joey Myers

Teacher & Adjustor

Jolene Buchanan

Studio Manger, Teacher & Adjustor

Lauren Roberts

Teacher & Adjustor

Lucy Wilcox

Teacher & Adjustor

Masha Gorodilova

Teacher & Adjustor

Michelle Cleminson

Teacher & Adjustor

Rowie Geraerts

Teacher & Adjustor

Sara Zavik

Teacher & Adjustor

Seren Ozdemir

Teacher & Adjustor

Sork Chen

Teacher & Adjustor

Stefan Camilleri

Teacher & Adjustor

Tsvia Ben-Rahamim

Teacher & Adjustor

Wallis Murphy

Teacher & Adjustor

Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
500 Hour Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training
Favourite Pose:
Half Moon - Ardha Chandrasana
Personal Interests:
Hanging on beach & surfing, Traveling to experience culture and different foods, Taking my dog for long walks on the beach.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
The Barkan Method 200 Hour Teacher Training, Level 1
Favourite Pose:
Half pigeon - Eka pada kaputasana
Personal Interests:
Absorbing the energy of the ocean, spending time with people who make my heart shine and driving down the coast for weekend getaways.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
Favourite Pose:
Personal Interests:
Books, music and nutrition.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
500 hr Teacher Training - Australian Yoga Academy 40hr Prana Flow Teacher Training - Shiva Rea 10hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Jennifer Crescenzo
Favourite Pose:
Pincha Mayurasana
Personal Interests:
Any adventurous outdoor activities, scuba diving and cooking.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training Multiple Workshops
Favourite Pose:
King Dancer - Natarajasana
Personal Interests:
Psychology of healthy eating, trying new things and catching up with friends at my favourite coffee place.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
200 Hour Hatha Teacher Training/ including an emphasis in astanga adjustments
Favourite Pose:
Crane - Bakasana
Personal Interests:
Cooking, dancing with friends, and going out for breakfast.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
Byron Bay Yoga, Anusara and Laughing Lotus NYC
Favourite Pose:
For now....grass hopper
Personal Interests:
Dancing, eating and sleeping!
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
Favourite Pose:
Wild thing
Personal Interests:
Travel, friends, cooking & red wine
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
300hr Level II Advanced Yoga TTC in Vinyasa Flow 2014, 200hr Ashtanga TTC & Level I Yin TTC.
Favourite Pose:
Urdhva Danurasana. Heart opener, back bend, upside down... it has everything going for it. I love it. It's such a vulnerable yet strong pose at the same time.
Personal Interests:
Adventure travel, cooking, all things happy and summer, skiing and spreading the yoga love.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
200 Hour RYT Vinyasa Krama 40 Hour Pre/Post Natal Teacher Training
Favourite Pose:
Handstand - Adho Mukha Vrksasana
Personal Interests:
Brewing kombucha, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
RYT - 200 Hour Yoga Works Teacher Training
Favourite Pose:
Honestly, I don’t have a favourite pose. Each Asana is so special in its own way.
Personal Interests:
Intelligent design, healing medicine, and all jewellery.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
500 Hour Advanced Diploma in Hatha Yoga - Australian Yoga Academy 200 Hour Power Vinyasa Flow - Power Living Studio 500 Hour Ashtanga Yoga - Shiva Yoga Peeth
Favourite Pose:
Monkey Pose - Hanumanasana
Personal Interests:
Creative cooking, op-shop shopping, playing with my puppy to get a high five from her.
Started teaching in:
Early 2014, building my teaching up rapidly.
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
Cert 4 Music Performance - Cert 4 Training and Assessment - Advanced diploma of Yoga Teacher training.
Favourite Pose:
Crow to Handstand. The holy grail of balance and core strength.
Personal Interests:
Yoga and Meditation, travel and adventure, music (I was a drum teacher for 4 years), Motorcycles, but most importantly a sense of giving, which yoga teaching gives me in abundance.
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
Combination of 500 Hour Teacher Training in Astanga/Vinyasa Flow 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
Favourite Pose:
Firefly - Titibasana
Personal Interests:
Jewellery making, anything involving the ocean (especially scuba diving) and dogs (particularly my own)!
Started teaching in:
Top 3 Yoga qualifications:
The Barkan Method 200 Hour Teacher Training, Level 1 30 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Multiple Workshops
Favourite Pose:
Shoulderstand - Sarvangasana
Personal Interests:
Photography, swimming and reading.


Japanese for ‘change for the better’, the Kaizen Experience, or KX, is a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement. This thinking is exactly how we approached the fitness industry in 2010. Founded by Master Trainer Aaron Smith, KX Pilates was born out of a way to make things better.

With first hand experience from overseas, Aaron saw an opportunity to create, adapt and improve his industry with an ever evolving boutique fitness offer that ambitiously combines creative flare with a modern sense of style. Add to this an amazing team of passionate trainers and individuals that also share Aaron’s vision, it creates a unique and boutique high performance fitness environment.


Define your vision | Define your purpose | Define your goals | Define your body.


Introductory Offer: 10 days Unlimited $25
This offer is only available to people who have not attended a KX Yoga class before. If you have already taken up an intro offer for KX Pilates or KX Barre, you are STILL eligible for a KX Yoga introductory pass. Please visit our booking page to purchase your Intro Offer.
Do I need to book online before I go?
You must book online before arriving to our studio for a class.
How do I book online?
You can book online here or download our App on the App Store or Google Play.
What if I book online and I am unable to make it?
Cancellation online must be made 4 hours prior to the class if you know you cannot attend to leave space for other students, non cancellation can mean you forfeit that visit.
Are all the classes assisted?
At KX Yoga, every class with over four people has not just a teacher but a fully qualified yoga assistant as well. Classes with under four people booked in will have just the instructor.
Can I have a meal before I practice?
Try to eat only a light meal within the 2 hours prior to your practice, a full stomach will feel uncomfortable in the body as its trying to digest food while moving through your poses. The feeling can be very heavy, sluggish and frustrating.
What do I need to bring?
Yoga mats are supplied, all you need to bring is your drink bottle, towel and a smiling attitude!
What time do I need to arrive before the class?
Studio will be open 30 minutes prior, its advised to arrive 15min before the class to comfortably sign in and get a good spot, doors will close right on time.
What if I don’t like to be assisted?
If you know you don’t like the assisting please come early and let the teacher and the assistant know prior to the class.
Are the classes different levels?
If you are brand new to yoga we suggest you start at our studio with the Simple Flow, this will give you the best introduction to understanding the alignment to avoid any injury. Our classes are designed for all levels so jump on in but take a rest whenever you need.
Our heated classes are not suitable if you are pregnant, our Yin classes maybe more suitable however please seek doctors advice and advise the Yin teacher of your pregnancy prior to the class.
Can I have a shower there?
There are showering facilities available for both males (2 showers) and females (3 showers).
What are the benefits to a heated room?
The heat is a great way to warm up the muscles and joints getting the synovial fluid lubricating the body to create more mobility in the muscles and joints to safely deepen your practice. Also promote the sweating through the skin to cleanse and detox the body.


Level 1, 1A Winter Street (opposite Coles)
Malvern, Victoria 3144
(03) 9576 3260

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